High Performance Computing

IC TELCON 2019 has collaborated with Universities and Journals for bringing best articles out of research community, academician and industry experts. Some of the extended papers suited with theme would be considered for publication in Open Access AzHPC with no additional cost.

High Performance Computing Systems
  • Technology, innovation and new concepts
  • Architecture, systems, and framework
  • Algorithms, systematic approach, languages, programs and paradigms
  • Performance measures and methods
  • Simulation and Emulation, data analytics
  • Applications and system software
  • And Related…

1. Azerbaijan Journal of High Performance Computing ( AzJHPC)- Open Access Journal The Azerbaijan Journal of High Performance Computing is operating under the direction of High Performance Advanced Research Center, which provides computing facilities for scientific and technical applications. This center has been created in addition to providing services to various scientific and industrial fields, are ready to cooperate with research centers, as well as industrial, for international co-operation as the part of comprehensive and strategic plan for the creation and deployment of High Performance Computing systems in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

ISSN Number 2617-4383